SURPRISE: More government interference and regulation of the health care system leads to longer lines, more red tape, confusion, and…you guessed it…less care.

Here in my new home, Massachusetts, health care coverage is required by law.  If you can’t afford it, the state government will step in and subsidize your coverage.  (As a rule of thumb, when I read that the government is paying for something, I mentally substitute I or we for government, since, after all, it’s not the government that goes out and earns a paycheck.)

A local news station, NECN, reported this sunny Sunday morning that many thousands of Bay Staters, who have already been ‘in the process’ for months, are still waiting for their state-subsidized health insurance.  The paperwork is “confusing” and “overwhelming,” and many claim to have received contradictory information from different government officials regarding their coverage.

So who’s bright idea was this?  None other than the former governor, Mitt Romney.  That’s right, the man running for President who has the most invested in being known as the ‘conservative,’ ‘Reagan-esque’ candidate brought socialized medicine to my new home state without so much as a quiet apology.

Mitt prefers to think of RomneyCare as a market-driven solution to the ‘problem’ of health care.  After all, he still requires that the less fortunate pay something for their coverage.  Months of waiting?  Long lines?  Confusion?  More tax dollars taken from workers?  It’s all part of the process.  Right, Mitt?


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