Comparing Hizzoner & Mitt: Economics


While talking below about the Club for Growth’s white papers on Romney and Giuliani, I noted that the Club seems to prefer Giuliani.  This is despite the fact that Romney and Giuliani share some of the positions which the Club proscribes, most notably on campaign finance reform.

Deroy Murdock just posted a piece on National Review Online that clarifies the issue.  It seems I have overestimated Romney’s economic stewardship of the bay state.  Examples:

Unemployment: 5.7% drop for Romney, 40.8% drop for Giuliani.

Public Assistance: 5% welfare drop for Romney, 58% drop for Giuliani.

Tax Burden: 10.8% increase for Romney, 17% drop for Giuliani.

Personal Income: 18.2% increase for Romney, 49.9% increase for Giuliani.

As I noted below, Giuliani had the advantage of governing longer, but the differences are stark.  Besides, this means Giuliani was able to actually win re-election.  Most observers agree Romney could never have won a second term.  So yet again Giuliani’s electability advantage comes into play.

I’d say this goes a long way towards explaining why the Club appears to prefer Giuliani to Romney.


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