The Relentless March of New Media


I know I’ve been scarce of late. Slow news weeks coupled with life events have slowed down the posts. I assure you that was temporary.

One way to vault out of the summer doldrums the Rudy way is to sign up for Giuliani thumbcasts. A thumbcast is a text message sent to your phone, in this case about the news of the day vis a vis the effort to elect Hizzoner as Commander in Chief. I have begun writing such thumbcasts for an outfit called 80108 media.

The service is free, and it will indirectly assist the campaign. How? Well, as we add subscribers I am marginally compensated financially. Thus my political activism will be subsidized. I will do a better job, and it won’t cost the campaign a cent. As I said, the service is gratis, although as they say at the end of each episode of American Idol, text messaging rates do apply.

To sign up, click on the image below, which will also hopefully soon be on the sidebar. Then select “Campaign ’08” in window 1. Team Rudy thanks you!

80108 Widget


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