Fred is In, Yawns Ensue; Rudy Wins Another Debate


Thompson announced his candidacy on Jay Leno’s program last night, apparently feeling that is a more appropriate place for him to be than an actual debate.  Thompson claimed the Leno show would be harder, anyway, than a GOP debate.  We’ll see.

By most estimatations, Giuliani did great last night at the debate.  He is handicapped now in that his performance in these debates excepting the first one has been so strong that he is judged against himself, rather than the weak compeition.  So while Hizzoner clearly won, pundits seem to think McCain did himself the most good as he most exceeded expectations.  Given how low those expectations have become, I imagine Team Giuliani is pretty happy.

Romney looked plain lame on foreign policy, getting zinged by McCain for saying the surge is “apparently” working.  I imagine team Giuliani was also happy about this, as the dueling press releases behind the scenes seems to suggest the campaign’s respective strategists are beginning to view this as a Giuliani / Romney race.

My only controversial observation thus far?  Giuliani could close this race tomorrow by annoucing Thompson as his veep.  Romney could at least keep it an open question by doing the same.


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