Romney Goes Way Dirty Way Fast


It’s one thing for idiot bloggers like me– who are not campaign operatives– to go negative.  It’s what we do.  We’re not professionals, and spitting venom is way easier than analysis.  Also, we bloggers are mostly anonymous, and hence don’t have to worry about our dignity.

It is quite another for a campaign to go dirty.  And boy oh boy, Mitt Romny’s campaign just went about as dirty as you can go.

His consultants hosted– and one presumes posted– the content over at  WaPo coverage here.  This site did classy and Christian things like call Fred a moron and playboy.

I find this entirely consistent with what I think I might know about Mitt Romney: Pretend to be pure as glacial meltwater, and about as interesting.  Do everything humanly possible to advance your ambition.  Feign shock and ingnorance when someone accuses you of malfeasance.  Reminds me of Hillary Clinton’s tactics.

This is also pretty stupid, politically, which I guess suprises me.  It let’s people like me link to anti-Fred content while protesting the craven and officious babbittry of Mitt Romney.


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