And Giuliani Continues to Raise Boatloads of Cash


Hizzoner’s commanding advantage in the polls– mentioned below– is particularly astonishing given the fact that in those early states where Giuliani is not leading, he is second to Mitt.  And Mitt has spent exponentially more money.

Nevertheless, Giuliani is continuing to grow his campaign’s financial resources.  Just recently, for example, he raised $350k in Georgia in only three days.  Isn’t that supposed to be Fred Dalton Thompson’s turf?

Team Giuliani his preparing to open the cash spigots in early primary states.  Expect the opposition to start slinging mud at about the same time.

As we’ve already seen, Romney for one knows how to sling mud.  He may, in fact, be the dirtiest of the bunch.  It will be interesting to see how that affects the saintly image he’s gone to such great lengths to cultivate.  Of course, he’s a venture capitalist.  Anyone who’s ever worked with a VC can tell you how well saintly halos fit on one of those cats…


One Response to “And Giuliani Continues to Raise Boatloads of Cash”

  1. Stephen R. Maloney Says:

    I’d like to salute your blog and offer any support for your activities that I can. On my own blog, I will write frequently about Rudy Giuliani, and have had recent columns (including one today, September 13, on Giulian’s strategy, an unusual one for Republicans. I invite everyone to visit and to leave comments. This will be a very exciting race. I write with frequency about a possible V-P candidate and one of the brightest stars in the GOP universe, Sarah Heath Palin, Governor of Alaska. She’s someone you should know about. All the best.

    steve maloney

    Note: Please bookmark my site, and I’ll be doing the same for you. God bless

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