New Hampshire Turns to Rudy


Some good news from the Granite State – Rudy has erased Mitt’s 14-point lead among likely Republican primary voters…

Besides the headline, this was also nice: “A plurality see Giuliani as the most likeable and the most electable Republican in the field…”


4 Responses to “New Hampshire Turns to Rudy”

  1. Tannim Says:

    Except that CNN themselves admit towards the end of the article that the poll is not a reliable indicator of anything.

    BTW, why did Rudy cut in line for the ferry like a bully and then hide like a coward from all of the Dr. Paul supporters? Go see the video of what happened yourself on YouTube…

    That and he dissed the NRA crowd by that in-speech phone call when he should be smart enough to know to turn off the cell phone when giving a speech.

    Oh, yeah, and he’s dodging the Tavis Smiley debate tonight as well, showing he doesn’t care about black voters or issues.

    No humility, no leadership, no common sense, no diversity. Not presidential at all.

  2. ohio4rudy Says:

    In the interest of full disclosure, the email address tagged with the previous comment is, which you can find mentioned here:
    … in case you want to sign up for an account with “Blogs for McCain.”

  3. Alex Ritz Says:

    From what I hear and understand the people in NYC don’t like Giuliani. I don’t like the way he handled 9/11 (shipping all of the evidence overseas to be destroyed). So how can anybody support him… because of media hype? whatever. Please vote for our constitution, please vote for Ron Paul.

  4. Lynel Says:

    What poll are you guys on chronicling? Cnn actually it’s very misleading to me that you guys claim to be the most trusted source in news yet, when it comes to politics you seem to lie and ignore the facts. Giuliani and mitt seem to win in every poll you guys post? is there a bias? you guys have no clue. Seems like only the guys wit the money seem to win your vote of confidence. As for this reason i no longer watch tv or listen to the rhetoric you guys convey. No one likes Giuliani! or believe he has a chance he will lose in his own state of NY. Well as stated before this is no scientific poll so you are wrong once again.

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