MI Debate Analysis…


…is actually something I can’t do.  The wife and I elect to NOT take cable television in our home, which thankfully kept me from watching every second of the Rockies sweep of the Phillies.  The debate is up online right now, but I haven’t watched yet.

So all I can do is relay the assessments of people who have to watch these things, as they get paid to do so.  Consensus seems to be: Thompson didn’t impress, but at least he didn’t commit any major gaffes.  So he kind of cleared a very low bar.  Giuliani remains strong in these debates, but would have been pretty average, if he hadn’t won small a small tiff with Romney over the line-item veto.  McCain continues to improve.

Romney, though, came off badly.  When his pre-installed suite of programming is functioning smoothly, people appreciate his answers as mostly right if transparently calculated.  When that software hits a bug, though, he says something like “We’ll let the lawyers decide” the direction of our foreign policy.

Worst news of the night, though?  I learned that Phil Gramm is Brownback’s economic advisor.  Damn.  I like Phil Gramm.  Thankfully, my admiration for Gramm is something of a minority fetish, and this is unlikely to put him over the top.

Finally, see this post over at my PA Hizzoner blog for an interesting item regarding polling and primary delegate math.


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