Brownback to Romney: Bite Me


Well, Sam Brownback’s supporters may find the language in this title’s post a little beyond the pale.  But that’s sort of what it seems like.

Hizzoner and Sam have met, and Gov. Brownback left calling Mayor Giuliani an “excellent leader”.  At least one reporter with the Washington Post thought Brownback “[S]eemed on the verge of backing [Giuliani]”.  Link here.

The picture below is also from that piece, and while it was taken in June it does seem delicious in the current context, no?  If I were Team Giuliani I certainly wouldn’t count my chickens before they’re hatched on this one, but even if Sam decided to back the Huck or McCain, it remains a partial victory that the one candidate Sam is apparently not considering for an endorsement is Romney.

Mitt Romney’s brain: “Can’t these darn GOP voters see that I’ve fine-tuned my internal poli-software to mirror the polling of the GOP electorate circa 2005?  I wonder how large a donation I have to make to myself NOW…”


10 Responses to “Brownback to Romney: Bite Me”

  1. TJ Thompson Says:

    Giuliani is just lucky that many Christian conservatives have some weird obsession with bashing Mormons. If Romney wasn’t a Mormon, Giuliani would be out of the picture like McCain is.

  2. karlub Says:

    I’m as ecumenical as the next guy, but I also don’t happen to think it is beyond the pale to find Mormomism a little, well, weird. I never did. The choir, temperance, Christmas carols, all that jazz. Seemed really nice.

    But then I learned about what actually distinguishes the LDS from more traditional Christianity. Let me emphasize: If one is disposed to be skeptical of all religion, there’s nothing crazier going on with Mormonism and Roman Catholicism or Hinduism or whatever. They’re all equally absurd.

    I do not feel that way, though. I am a mainstream Christian, although not an Evangelical. I’m a boring, old Lutheran. [Happy birthday, Herr Luther!] And while I bear Mormons no ill will at all, I do think they’re religion is, well, kind of strange.

    So I don’t think it’s fair to imply evangelicals are anti-Mormom bigots.

    I also think it pretty fair to say there are plenty of people who don’t care a whit about religion who think Mitt Romney comes off as transparently venal cyborg programmed to acquire prestige and fulfill the shallower sorts of human ambition. Again, let me emphasize: He may be a charming, stand-up guy. A real mensch. But that ain’t how he comes off.

  3. TJ Thompson Says:

    Wikipedia? Are you kidding me? Has intellectual integrity hit a new low that Wikipedia is the ultimate source of all light and truth in the Universe? I think not, sir. There’s,,,, and you chose Wikipedia, the authority on pseudoreality?

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is strange. We are “a peculiar generation,” after all, and was not pure and true Christianity considered “strange” in AD apostolic times? Certainly we have no reason to fear the strange, because the truth often lies under the socially-dictated wrapping of “weirdness.” Since when was the truth the norm?

    Mitt doesn’t need to be president. He’s successful in every way with or without this office.

  4. karlub Says:

    Well, I stipulated for the record that to many *all* religions come off as pretty absurd.

    That said, I must mention that I find casual disregard for Wikipedia’s accuracy something of an intellectual pose. There was a study published in the journal “Nature” not that long ago demonstrating Wikipedia and the Encylopedia Britannica were not that far apart in terms of accuracy, with Wikipedia averaging 3.86 errors per article, and Britannica 2.92. I understand the widest divergence occurred in particularly wonky scientific entries.

    So if you can find an error in that entry about Joseph Smith, I’m sure they would love to hear from you. Can you? I bet not. Besides, don’t the sites to which you refer me represent the LDS in some way? If I wanted information about Ms. Clinton would you refer me to

  5. TJ Thompson Says:

    To many in the world today, freedom of speech and equality is absurd. That hardly makes it justifiable. To call a religion “absurd” is to say that another’s faith is “senseless,” “ridiculous,” “foolish,” and/or “unreasonable.” How very tolerant.

    Wikipedia’s articles are often biased, and changes can be approved or reversed by registered editors who may or may not have egregious biases themselves. I find it difficult to believe that controversial topics (religion, politics, etc.) are not prone to greater bias than articles on, say, table salt.

    I would refer you to FIRST and FOREMOST, yes. I would add other resources, but I would not exclude that site just because it is written by a staff she pays to make her look good.

    One example of an error/misstatement in the Wikipedia article on Joseph Smith, Jr.:

    1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is NOT a “denomination” of anything because a denomination is defined as thus: “A large group of religious congregations united under a common faith and name and organized under a single administrative and legal hierarchy.” And the LDS Church does not share a “common faith” with any other sects, even if they claim early ties to Joseph Smith, because they do not follow the teachings that he taught. Nor does the LDS Church share a “single administrative and legal hierarchy” with any other sect. The First Presidency and other governing bodies of the LDS Church are NOT in any way associated with any other religious organization outside of the LDS Church.

    The point isn’t that the article is all wrong. I skimmed it, and it is generally accurate. But unless it was written by someone who has actually read the sacred texts of the LDS Church and studied the Church’s history and attended worship services, how could they know? Just like an article on Hillary Clinton could not be accurately written by someone who has never studied history or interacted with her AT LEAST indirectly.

  6. karlub - PA RudyBlogger Says:

    Ratchet back the angst, TJ. As you may have noticed, I am a Lutheran, hence a Christian. I do not think all religions are absurd. I’m just saying some people do, and this disagreement would not even scan to them.

    As for matters LDS, I’m sure Christians everywhere will be even further confused by your assertion that that the LDS is not a demonination of Christianity. Isn’t that what alleged Evangelical bigots say?

    I am also surprised you took the time to research who wrote that entry, and whether or not he/she/they haven’t “read the scred texts of the LDS Church and studied the Church’s history and attended worship services…” You know this how, again?

    Finally, I’m sure it will be no comfort to many people to learn that the part of that piece, and others like them, are are deemed accurate by you make the LDS Church seem a little weird to me. Again, I bear them no ill will. Would I be thrilled to have a bunch of Mormons as my neighbors? Sure. Solid folks, they seem to me. But the whole narrative contains way too much theological anthropomorphism for my taste.

  7. TJ Thompson Says:

    The LDS Church is not a Protestant denomination, but it is a Christian church.

    Most people who interactively study Mormonism, even as non-Mormons, learn that the Church is not the apostate cult it is described by others. I have always found it quite peculiar that any professed disciple of Christ feels justified in defining Christianity. Whose fold is it, anyway? Christ is quite capable of managing His own fold; He does not need unauthorized vigilantes in sheep’s clothing to assume superintendence.

  8. karlub Says:

    Thanks for the guidance on what Christ does and doesn’t need. I was not offering an opinion on the matter, since I tend to assume Christ has it all pretty well in hand.

    I am, though, offering an opinion on who I think should be president of the US, and why I think that way. Mormonism is by no means a disqualifier, but the current Mormon running for president on the GOP ticket keeps offering me lots of reasons to avoid supporting him.

    And yes, his Mormonism and resulting issues of electability along with the”weird” factor are one of those reasons, especially since he seems to have a pretty thin skin on the matter.

  9. TJ Thompson Says:

    A thin skin? Ha! He’s been putting up with all sorts of lies about him and his faith for a VERY long time, and he’s still awesome as ever. If he seems a bit tired of answering, it’s because the whole Mormon controversy is a dead horse. How many times will Latter-day Saints need to prove themselves devout Christians before the public breathes in this air of blatant honesty?

    “Weird” is a very good word to use to evidence one’s own lack of understanding. It is very self-discrediting.

  10. karlub Says:

    Hey, I call ’em as I see ’em. The whole bit where people ascend to a sort of Godhood is just, well, a little weird. So’s digging up golden discs with new Revelation almost 2000 years after Christ thousands of miles away from where He lived. Golden discs that nobody else can ever see, let alone read. It’s all a little weird. At least to me. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think it’s nearly as weird as Hinduism’s pantheistic divine bestiary. But that doesn’t mean I have a problem with Hindus.

    But to suggest that my feelings there are somehow self-discrediting is pretty uncharitable, dontcha’ think? Isn’t it possible to know a fair amount about something, but think it’s weird? Don’t fall into the same trap that leftists are always setting for themselves by assuming that disagreement equates personal betrayal.

    That’s discrediting.

    Finally, to learn a little about Mitt’s thin skin check out this post on my other Rudy blog about how Mitt hassled a local blogger for making an unoriginal multiple-wives joke:

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