Pat Robertson to Endorse Giuliani


Here we all were, hoping Sam Brownback would endorse Rudy.  Well, he didn’t.  He went with McCain.

But look at this:  Team Giuliani apparently set their sights even higher.  Pat Robertson is on board.

Potentially a mixed blessing, I suppose.  But there’s no doubt about this being a pretty big evangelical feather in his cap.


6 Responses to “Pat Robertson to Endorse Giuliani”

  1. Brenan Says:

    While I agree with Pat Robertson’s reasons for his endorsement of Rudy, I am sickened by it nonethelss.
    Pat Robertson is a fraud, a windbag, and has much more in common with the Islamofascists than he does with the founding fathers, none of whom would be caught on their deathbed adhering to the fiction that “Rev. Pat” calls god.
    Pat is not dumb in endorsing one of the two Republicans with a snowball’s chance (actually, a lot better than that) against Hillary Clinton. (The other is McCain.) And I suppose that many people who cannot think for themselves, which is to say that anyone who give’s a rat’s ass what Pat Robertson has to say anyway, will come to see Rudy in a different, more positive light. That’s not a bad thing. The nation’s security may well be safer because of that fact.
    But it’s a sad commentary on America and its prospects for survival that so much power should be seen as residing in the sway held by such an unmitigated fool and his idiotic followers.

  2. William Wallace Says:

    Please notice: Pat Robertson, who said something equivalent to: “America was attacked because we deserved it”, has endorsed Rudy. Ron Paul did not say America deserved to be attacked. It would seem that Rudy *HAS* heard something like what he was falsely claiming Ron Paul had said. He just didn’t remember ?? Isn’t it strange that Rudy has no problem with Pat Robertson’s endorsement? Does Rudy have a problem with his memory and his hearing? I do not think Rudy is presidential. I think Ron Paul would be the best president since our founding fathers. His views are spot on for our present predicament. Truth remains truth, even this many years later.

  3. karlub Says:

    I’ve always been a little suspicious of the way Robertson gets lambasted like clockwork by the MSM. I mean, I’m sure he’s said all those things that have caused most Christian conservatives to ask him to keep his mouth shut more often.

    But he’s also a real boogieman for the left. So if you judge a man by his enemies he’s certainly earned a fair amount of goodwill.

    Besides, despite all the hypocrisies his opponets may be able to point out in his character, the world would be a far finer place if we were all responsible for as much charitable work as him and his ministry. God’s ways can be mysterious, and He has chosen to use rough, flawed tools by creating us.

    Besides, I’ve watched the 700 Club for probably a half-hour total over my lifetime, and he’s never said anything to offend me!

  4. Luther C. Hardy Says:

    Below is a RudyGramme I sent to my RudyGroup this morning (absent the full WSJ article referred to) concerning the Robertson endorsement:

    Mes Confrères:

    Below is an interesting short take, from The Wall Street Journal, on Pat Robertson’s endorsement yesterday of Rudy for President. It’s really neither better nor worse than many of the other articles appearing today on the endorsement — which I reported to this RudyGroup yesterday. I have chosen to call attention to the Journal’s piece, however, because of the following paragraph:

    “Mr. Robertson’s endorsement of Mr. Giuliani — the first major evangelical conservative leader figure to back the former New York mayor — caught other candidates off guard. Mr. McCain, at a news conference in Iowa, said, “Every once in a while, I’m left speechless. This is one of those times.” His remarks came as he was picking up the endorsement of Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas, a prominent conservative Christian who dropped out of the race. Messrs. Robertson and Brownback are known for their uncompromising views opposing abortion rights.”

    This paragraph is a very good illustration of just how the Beltway Media, and apparently even John McCain, view the current GOP Race in a fog. I know I’ve made this point before, but it bears making again. For all the reasons I have regaled you all with, the “Conventional Wisdom”, at the very beginning of the race, now over a year ago, latched onto the theme that Rudy would never win the GOP nomination because the “Christian Right” would never vote for him in the Republican Primaries.

    This opinion, of course assumes on its face that such voters, however ill defined they remain as a group, will vote in a monolithic bloc and will make their decision for whom to vote based on how their collective knee jerks. A very large majority of commentators, pundits, journalists, and self-styled leaders of “values voters” have now clung doggedly to this theme, even in the face of Rudy’s running up solid polling leads among subsets such as “Churchgoers” and “White Male Born-Again Christians”. Now the “Mainstream Media”, and apparently even John McCain, profess to be “speechless” that a very prominent Christian Evangelical figure has actually endorsed Rudy.

    Well, the members of this RudyGroup should not be at all surprised: Last Spring, when Rudy spoke at Robertson’s Regent University, I reported to the Group that the Reverend Mr. Robertson, in his introduction, had spoken of Rudy in glowing terms, and even (I said) come close to giving him a de facto endorsement. As recently as about two weeks ago, I circulated a CBN piece by David Brody that reported that Robertson had spoken in “glowing terms” of Rudy on yet another occasion. To which I added that Robertson’s tone clearly indicated that he was open to a “deal” with Rudy whereby he would actually endorse Rudy.

    The principal political point to keep uppermost in your mind in all this is, as I have also said many times: Rudy does NOT need to win the votes of a majority of the “Christian Right”. All he really needs to do is to keep them from voting against him in a monolithic bloc. Rudy himself has already made great strides toward this limited goal, and now, with the Robertson endorsement, whatever one may think of the good Reverend, Rudy has taken a further giant step toward that goal.

    My ultimate conclusion: Run Rudy Run!

  5. karlub - PA RudyBlogger Says:


    Seems a variation on a theme of mine: People keep saying things like “Rudy can’t win the primaries ’cause of votes of social conservatives” or the more recent variation “Giuliani as a nominee will cause social conservatives to stay home.” Thing is, there’s no actual, you know, data supporting these assertions. There’s no quantative evidence suggesting it is so.

    I’m not surprised, of course. In fact, I’ve gotten more involved in local and state politics recently, and am dumbfounded by how often party leaders make decisions on what they think matters, or what they think people should care about, rather than actually seeing what real people actually feel about various issues.

    Of course, I guess I tend to be more on the representative end of democratic theory than the delegative.

  6. philbusch Says:

    Copy and Paste this Video on your web site it shows Pat Robertsons real views of God and Americans .Video of Pat Robertsons Threathenig to Kill Mr.Olympia Phil Busch in Virginia Federal Court trying to Cover up that he Defrauded the Irs and Millions of Cbn ,Gnc Viewers and Coustmers for Pats Diet Shake and Rudy wants his Support?

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