Cross-Post: Giuliani and Libertarians


Over at my PA for Hizzoner blog a small thread as developed– well, I’m doing most of the writing– as a result of the appearence of my town’s first presidential support sign; a Ron Paul sign.

As a former card-carrying member of the Libertarian party who’s first vote for president was for the man who was, in fact, Ron Paul’s veep on the Libertarian ticket in ’88, I am not unsympathetic to those supporting Paul.  I did express, though, that I believe Giuliani is pretty darned friendly to Libertarians, a statement which one commenter thought needed elaboration.  That elaboration is below:

I understand the question.  You have to look at it from a perspective that respects one of Libertarianism’s fundamental requirements of the State:  That of protecting private property.

Giuliani’s priority as Mayor– the reason he was elected– was to make the City safer and more pleasant.  Read that as “Protect their private property.”

Hence this person’s perception of him as a “gun-grabbing” and “police state” mayor.  I think Giuliani was wrong at the time with his handgun lawsuits, but he thought he had two opposing freedoms he had to prioritize: Civil order and the right to defence.  I am a pretty dogged 2nd Amendment advocate, but even I can appreciate how the priorities of NYC in a crime wave and Idaho are different, and probably require different approaches.  So while aspiring to be President, it is natural for Giuliani to become more sympathetic to gun owners, which he has.

It is enlightening to also understand that the protection of private property is why– as a mayor rather than the President– he was Libertarian-ish on immigration.  He wanted illegals to be comfortable dealing with the local gendarmes so they could report on the bad apples.

Some suggest the Mayor has been doing a lot of flip-flopping.  Without getting into semantical arguments, I think it is important to understand that those issues on which he has drifted rightward merely reflect differently weighted priorities of two different jobs:  That of Mayor of NYC and that of President of the United States.  As he has pointed out, it would have been easier for him to just complete the flip-flop and lie.  A look at the GOP field illustrates at least one candidate who is comfortable doing this.  One thing, though, that appears to be consistent with the Mayor is that at the core he is driven by a respect for the freedoms of law-abiding individuals to pursue their own happiness, and an understanding that it is the State’s role to defend these freedoms.

I do not at all suggest that Giuliani would be at home in the Libertarian party.  I do suggest, though, that he is Libertarian-friendly:  His first priority is to protect your property and civil society in general.  His second priority– as evidenced by his actions in NYC and the associated favorable reviews from the Club for Growth and endorsement by Steve Forbes– is to minimize the vigor with which government dips into your bank account.  After that, he pretty much feels the states should decide on all the culturally divisive social issues.

That, I say, is pretty Libertarian friendly.  Does he buy into Libertarian ideology?  Probably not, as his habits of character can be quirky and pretty hierarchical.  Note his apparent distaste of ferret owners.  But when the time comes in a general election for Ron Paul supporters to pull a lever, I hope those that aren’t using their support for Paul merely as a way to promote isolationism will do the needful and vote for Giuliani rather than staying home or voting for his opponent.

Assuming, of course, Hizzoner can secure the nomination, which is a whole ‘nother article, as Nordlinger says.  I am not entirely sure how Paul’s supporters effect that process.  Not much, I tend to think…


3 Responses to “Cross-Post: Giuliani and Libertarians”

  1. Will Says:

    I believe that the Rudy supporters whom i am yet to meet, would of be here supporting this article for you… but since they have not done so, maybee your next article will support Ron Paul and someone will read it…. and then possibly have an effect on fellow citizens lives, and not just the usual effect, a positive effect.

    Ron Paul has a lot more internet search engine searches, myspace freinds, and the largest day of contributions ever by an internet based grass root campaign (4.3million$), but still does not have his name in the politics section on myspace (this article actually is worried about Ron Paul while praying for the loyality of his supporters to jump ship
    )? Why is this? and Ron Paul is going to beat Rudy Guiliani… and then on a national stage triumph Mrs. Clinton. Dec, 16 2007, Ron Paul TeaParty, get involved.

  2. Giuliani Sucks Says:

    I lived in Queens when Giuliani was Mayor, and at one time, I actually admired the guy (He was a hell of a lot better than David Dinkins, his incompetent predecessor), but I dont think that he is fit to be President.

    While I generally agree with his stance on foreign policy, I think that he lacks proper morality and sound judgement. Specifically, the following “lapses in judgement” bother me:

    – He married his second cousin, Regina Peruggi

    – He associated himself with dishonest and corrupt men such as Howard Safir, Thomas Von Essen, and Bernard Kerik

    – On more than one occassion, he dressed in drag and shamelessly paraded around in front of audiences and cameras. His first foray into public cross dressing was on March 1, 1997 when he appeared onstage dressed as Marilyn Monroe at the New York Hilton with actress Julie Andrews. Later that year, he appeared on Saturday Night Live dressed as “Rita Delvecchio’s mother”, and in 2000, he he appeared at the Mayor’s Inner Circle Press Roast wearing a purple dress and a blond wig, and participated in a skit in which Donald Trump tried to kiss him.

    Take a look at this YouTube video:

    Seriously, how can you trust the judgment of a guy like this?

  3. karlub Says:


    I have two words for you: Howard Dean.

    Giulani S***s:

    1) The DuPonts and Rothschildes married first cousins all the time. How’d that work out for them?

    2) A legitimate cause for concern, all of which can be addressed individually as you choose. One question: When one is Mayor for NYC how can one *avoid* being around corrupt people entirely? Do you think Hizzoner did a worse job at this than his predecessors? How about if Bloomburg weren’t a billionaire?

    3) OK. Do you don’t get drag. Neither do I. But the vehemence with which you approach the matter seems to suggest some darker hatred. I recommend you tone it down, or you’ll *never* get a job on Broadway!

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