Religion and the GOP Nomination


Sorry about my recent hiatus.  Work takes over one’s time, sometimes, which I imagine is not nearly as large a problem for left-wing political activists.

Upon dipping into the blogosphere for the first time in a week, I learn Mitt will be doing a “Mormon speech” on Thursday.  No doubt he was inspired to do as much by slipping to second place in IA behind Huck, despite outspending him by more than eight to one.

This is dangerous territory for Romney, and could backfire in a huge way.  Again, let me state for the record that I have no problems at all with Mormons.  Still, by drawing potential evangelical fire upon his own position more people may learn things like this which seem a bit weird to mere cultural Christians, which happens to describe a majority of American voters.

Obviously, nobody will mistake Giuliani for a particularly rigorous Catholic.  In fact, it is not unfair ask if– by the strict definition of the Catholic Church– Rudy even still isa Catholic.  So his campaign is in no position to even consider playing dirty pool with the religion question.  It appears, though, that Mitt will openly invite questions concerning religion and politics, and one suspects Huckabee’s campaign manager is licking his chops at the opportunity.

This is great news for Team Rudy.  There’s no bad way for it to break.  Either Mitt’s gambit fails, and his support fractures.  Or it succeeds, and Romney and Huckabee distract themselves by squabbling over the religious right.


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