Rudy Pulling Back in New Hampshire


There are at least two ways to interpret the news that the campaign is pulling some ads in New Hampshire (story).

Maybe Huck’s rise and McCain’s recent surge (we know how he feels about surges) (story) are playing right into Rudy’s hands and effectively doing the work for him.  The idea is that Rudy needs to keep the pre-Florida states from giving any one candidate enough momentum to challenge Rudy in Florida.  Then Rudy can use Florida for momentum going into February 5th.  With others contending well with Romney in both Iowa and New Hampshire, Rudy can focus his resources where it counts.

On the other hand, maybe Rudy’s feeling the heat in New Hampshire and is circling the wagons in Florida.  This line of thought suggests that Rudy is shifting resources to reinforce his ‘Florida firewall.’

The difference might be subtle, but it’s important.  It goes right to the heart of the morale inside the campaign – are we getting a lucky break or are we scrambling?

Or could it be that resources are running thin enough to force some tough choices…choices that are more about budget strategy than political strategy?

Go Rudy.


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