New Hampshire Newspaper Endorses Rudy


Heavy praise for Rudy from Foster’s Daily Democrat:

…a candidate who is not afraid to lead; a candidate who understands the threat to our way of life; a candidate who will not talk down to the people; a candidate who believes in government as a servant of the people….Rudy Giuliani represents the core of Republican thought. He is the kind of Republican who will appeal to the people who elected and re-elected Ronald Reagan. He is not afraid to go to the people for his strength, knowing that in America it is the people who rule and that those they elect serve.

Read more here.


One Response to “New Hampshire Newspaper Endorses Rudy”

  1. Sandy Lacquement Says:

    Rudy for president! He has strengh, courage and not afraid to stand up for his beliefs. I only wish I was able to vote as I am a Canadian residing in Canada.

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