Things Breaking Rudy’s Way. Seriously.


It will only be mentioned in passing, but it looks like NH broke the way Team Rudy would want.  Just like IA.

Hizzoner probably would have liked McCain to win by more, but McCain appears to have not only won the primary, but also appears to have won among GOP voters only.  Romney was hoping to take solace in crowing about winning the GOP vote, only losing to McCain because independents opted for the aged veteran.

The fact that Clinton pulled out an unexpected victory will also distract the media, making the McCain victory apt to quickly become old news.

Huck’s IA bounce evaporated, and Thompson barely registered at all.

Finally, our man did avoid the ignominy of losing to Ron Paul.

This forces Romney and McCain to both vigorously contest MI, and Huck and Fred both into an all-in pot in SC.

So all other candidates will be otherwise disposed until FL, spending money their campaigns don’t have, while Team Rudy continues to accrue interest on the resources devoted to what they hope will be a Tsunami Tuesday blitz following a FL win.

That was always the plan.  Bit of a nail-biter, sure.  But if the national strategy is viable– which I always thought was the case– then the dominoes are setting up appropriately.


One Response to “Things Breaking Rudy’s Way. Seriously.”

  1. Aaron Withrow Says:

    It’s hard to argue with the notion that the stars are lining up for Rudy. The genius of the national strategy is becoming clearer by the minute. And the campaign has done a first-class job of selling the media on the plan – most of the the MSM seems at least willing to give Rudy a ‘wait-and-see’ on his strategy.

    It may have been better that McCain’s victory wasn’t a complete rout, as that could have given the Senator more momentum than we want. The analysis of the GOP vs. Independent votes is interesting, though.

    You may be right that the Clinton victory will take some air time from the McCain story, but there still seems to be an awful lot of coverage of McCain’s “comeback.” And as for Rudy having Florida all to himself for the time being, take a look at this —

    Yes, Rudy is the only candidate with Florida as his sole objective, but McCain’s campaign (at least) is thinking seriously about Florida. As you say, however, Rudy already has a great deal invested in the state, and other candidates are only getting started.

    Go Rudy.

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