Update: Rudy Does Your Taxes


In November 2004, an initiative banning same-sex marriage was on the ballot in Ohio.  This has been credited with drawing values voters to the polls there, where, conveniently, they could also punch the hole by George W. Bush’s name.  That seemed to work out well for the Bush campaign (read more here).

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, Rudy mentioned a tax resolution that will be on the ballot in Florida on January 29th (read more here).  Conveniently, Republican voters in Florida will also be choosing their nominee for President that day.  The Giuliani campaign has brilliantly focused their message recently on tax issues (see post below)…targeting the very voters who are expected to be out in force this January 29th.  This is, of course, just one piece of the puzzle, but as former Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci said in the link above, Rudy “may look like a genius on February 6th.”  So might his campaign strategists.


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