Michigan GOP Primary: Rudy is the Real Winner


Michigan Republicans came through big time for Mitt Romney this evening.  They also handed Rudy Giuliani a much-needed gift.

Since reclaiming his spot as the media’s favorite Republican (no wonder – check here and here), John McCain has been on quite a roll.  Picking up a win in New Hampshire and rising in polls nationwide and in key states like Florida, the McTrain seemed ready to flatten the rest of the GOP field.

Rudy has held his own in the Sunshine State, but the results from Michigan could not have been better for the Mayor.  From media coverage, it seemed that the GOP was nearly ready to hand the reins to Senator McCain.  A win in Michigan would have added substantial force to this notion, and may well have proved determinative in this race.  But the media reports were wrong.  And the polls were wrong.  Again.

Republicans are looking for a leader.  Between January 29th and February 5th, they will find their leader in Rudy Giuliani.


2 Responses to “Michigan GOP Primary: Rudy is the Real Winner”

  1. Matt Says:

    Rudy’s strategy was brilliant, he stayed clear of these early contest and let the other candidates tear each other up. No front runner has emerged and Rudy is primed to win big in Florida and take the lead!

  2. Brian Kelly Says:

    Slow down with the brilliance commentary just yet….He has to WIN florida of course.. I’m a devout Rudy Supporter and believe he’s the right man for the job however I’m gettin a little antsy myself that Rudy’s handlers have not been better at this point of PUSHING Rudy’s economic record.

    It is .. has been and always will be the Economy … So stop with the 9/11 drum beating and get to work.. America should know that rudy IS the strongest candidate for economic reform having done it successfully in the biggest metropolis in the world… or did people FORGET what they thought of New York prior to Rudy?

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