Florida Polling: Rudy Does Better, Earns Florida’s Loyalty


Rudy Giuliani is beating John McCain in Florida.

A Rasmussen poll out today has Romney at 25%, McCain at 20%, and Rudy at 19%.  Yes, I know that 20 is more than 19.  I also know that statistically, this is a tie.  And the kicker is 67% of Rudy’s supporters are “certain” they will vote for him.  Only 55% of Romney’s are certain, and a meager 48% of McCain’s supporters are certain they will vote for the Senator.  (read more here)

And get this: 22% of those who supported McCain in the poll say there is a good chance they could change their mind.

It turns out that Floridians appreciate the attention Rudy has given them and are rewarding him with their loyalty.

With a week to go, it goes without saying that Florida is entirely up for grabs.  But Rudy has here what the others don’t – a loyal base, a solid foundation.


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