Early Voting in FL is Big; Will Help Rudy


There are certainly plenty of polls out suggesting Hizzoner is slipping in FL.  Others have more positive news.

One thing these polls do not take into account is absentee balloting.  There are a LOT of those ballots in FL.  Down there, these aren’t just for people out of town.  In Florida, they are also for people who have trouble getting to a polling place, and I don’t mean any disrespect when I point out there are a bunch of oldsters in the Sunshine State for whom movement is less than ideal.

Back when most of these votes were cast Mayor Giuliani had a dominating lead in the polls.  So in any close result in FL next week with election day voting, the Mayor will have a huge edge.

Sure, we were all hoping the Mayor’s flag in Florida would be more firmly planted.  This strategy was always a gamble.  But the MSM is acting like his candidacy is dead in the water, which is absolutely not the case. 


4 Responses to “Early Voting in FL is Big; Will Help Rudy”

  1. michael Says:

    the polls are nuts and i don’t believe they can considered the 10% of voters who already casted absentee and early voting on starting jan 7th and 14th. I’m hoping that if Rudy is indeed at 19% you can add half of the early voting and four points for the thompson voters and that will propel him to 27%…will that be enough, maybe he’ll surprise us all.

  2. Aaron Withrow Says:

    Some very good numbers here for Rudy – 427,018 early votes already cast in Florida, where only 1.2 or 1.3 million total are expected.


  3. Dean Says:

    Rudy Giuliani as an honorable and capable presidential candidate. The polls have been notoriously inaccurate recently at projecting actual outcomes. I don’t like to bring this up, but if Rudy does not get at least 2nd in Florida, looks like the momentum will be greatly reduced for super Tuesday. Might Rudy withdraw ala. Fred shortly after? At that point I see him as a strong potential Vice presidential candidate. If so, who would he be likely to endorse. I think Huckabee would be great. They seem view each other favorably.

  4. Firefighter for Huck Says:

    As a firefighter, I greatly respect former NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. If Rudy withdraws from the Presidential race I encourage his supporters consider Mike Huckabee. He is truly trustworthy and devoted selflessly to us as citizens of this great country. Please give Mike Huckabee a look.

    Thank you

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