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Welcome Students for Giuliani!

April 2, 2007

Cross-posted at Students for Giuliani Blog. [We are welcoming on two new bloggers Josh Hersh and Brandon Kenig]

You may have stumbled upon this site and blog accidentally, but make no mistake about it—you’re here for a reason. Students for Giuliani is a national, grassroots student organization with the aim or organizing students in all 50 states to help carry Rudy to the White House in ’08. We already have chapters in 20 states and we continue to grow rapidly.

In 2006, 10 million youths aged 18-24 voted. This was 2 million more since the 2002 midterm election, and 4 percent more since the 2004 presidential election. Candidates are no longer bypassing America’s youth, and with the presidency at stake in 2008, mobilizing and winning the support of America’s youth will be vital.