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MI Debate Analysis…

October 10, 2007

…is actually something I can’t do.  The wife and I elect to NOT take cable television in our home, which thankfully kept me from watching every second of the Rockies sweep of the Phillies.  The debate is up online right now, but I haven’t watched yet.

So all I can do is relay the assessments of people who have to watch these things, as they get paid to do so.  Consensus seems to be: Thompson didn’t impress, but at least he didn’t commit any major gaffes.  So he kind of cleared a very low bar.  Giuliani remains strong in these debates, but would have been pretty average, if he hadn’t won small a small tiff with Romney over the line-item veto.  McCain continues to improve.

Romney, though, came off badly.  When his pre-installed suite of programming is functioning smoothly, people appreciate his answers as mostly right if transparently calculated.  When that software hits a bug, though, he says something like “We’ll let the lawyers decide” the direction of our foreign policy.

Worst news of the night, though?  I learned that Phil Gramm is Brownback’s economic advisor.  Damn.  I like Phil Gramm.  Thankfully, my admiration for Gramm is something of a minority fetish, and this is unlikely to put him over the top.

Finally, see this post over at my PA Hizzoner blog for an interesting item regarding polling and primary delegate math.


Fred is In, Yawns Ensue; Rudy Wins Another Debate

September 6, 2007

Thompson announced his candidacy on Jay Leno’s program last night, apparently feeling that is a more appropriate place for him to be than an actual debate.  Thompson claimed the Leno show would be harder, anyway, than a GOP debate.  We’ll see.

By most estimatations, Giuliani did great last night at the debate.  He is handicapped now in that his performance in these debates excepting the first one has been so strong that he is judged against himself, rather than the weak compeition.  So while Hizzoner clearly won, pundits seem to think McCain did himself the most good as he most exceeded expectations.  Given how low those expectations have become, I imagine Team Giuliani is pretty happy.

Romney looked plain lame on foreign policy, getting zinged by McCain for saying the surge is “apparently” working.  I imagine team Giuliani was also happy about this, as the dueling press releases behind the scenes seems to suggest the campaign’s respective strategists are beginning to view this as a Giuliani / Romney race.

My only controversial observation thus far?  Giuliani could close this race tomorrow by annoucing Thompson as his veep.  Romney could at least keep it an open question by doing the same.

Don’t Let Rudy, or Romney, Duck the Debate!

July 29, 2007

If Rudy backs out of this debate, he’s going to lose a whole lot of online support. Go here for more info on saving the debate.

“The Mayor Who Should Be President”

May 18, 2007

Interesting editorial from today’s Boston Herald:

It Was Rudy In A Runaway: The Mayor Who Should Be President
Boston Herald

By Michael Graham

May 17, 2007

[L]istening to Texas Rep. Ron Paul … legitimize the 9/11 attacks as the rational, anticipatable reaction to America’s foreign policy, Rudy Giuliani delivered the smackdown Americans wanted to hear:

“That’s an extraordinary statement, as someone who lived through the attack of Sept. 11, that we invited the attack because we were attacking Iraq. I don’t think I’ve heard that before, and I’ve heard some pretty absurd explanations for Sept. 11.”

It was the mayor’s moment, and he seized it. It wasn’t that Giuliani said anything the other candidates didn’t also believe, but it highlighted that he is the right person to say it. … it looked really, really good.