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3Q07 Fundraising Numbers

October 5, 2007

It seems everyone was paying more attention to the fundraising numbers the previous quarter.  It is still gratifying to notice that Hizzoner raised more last quarter than any other GOP candidate.  Assuming, of course, you don’t count the $8.5 million Romney gave to himself.

He just keeps spending and spending, and pretty much has a lead in a single midwestern caucus to show for it.

Alas, you all may have also noticed the Dems continue to out-raise the GOP.  It is distressing, but I won’t get in a twist about it for a bit.  Hillary looks likely to win the Dem nod.  As soon as there is officially a candidate Clinton redux I expect GOP donors to start writing so many checks to the appropriate candidate that they’ll have to start selling stock and working longer hours to accommodate their burning need to defeat her.  They just don’t know who that candidate is, yet.


A Few Notes re. Advertising, MoveOn, and the NYT

September 14, 2007

There has been some suspicion in the blogosphere about the rate MoveOn paid for that loathsome ad they placed Monday with the NYT calling Petraeus a treasonous liar.  They apparently received a huge discount, and people think the Times clearly gave it to them because they’re sympathetic to MoveOn.

The Times counters that this was sort of a standard discount deal for a non-profit, black and white “standby” ad.  What they mean by standby is “We have this space we tried to sell to someone who will pay full price, but can’t.  So since things are already laid out such that this space exists, we’ll sell it to you on extraordinarily short notice for a song.”

I’ve worked in advertising, and I think the blogosphere is suspicious for the wrong reasons, and the Times is fibbing.  Thing is, a publication that is desperate to sell something to *anybody* will slash their rates so often that the published open rate is pretty much a fiction, except for people with lots of money willing to pay it so that they are consistently treated very well when it comes to placement and potential “value added”, which means free stuff.

My theory is the rate MoveOn paid is really an indicator of how desperate the Times is to sell ad space.  Their circulation is plummeting, and advertisers are sprinting as fast as they can from newspaper investment generally.  Conspiracy theorists counter that the timing of the MoveOn ad indicates they knew all along when the ad would appear, so standby or remnant pricing can’t be the reason.  I counter what this really means is the Times is so awash in standby opportunities that MoveOn could be reasonably sure their insertion would appear at about the right time.

So the Giuliani campaign is right to call out the Times on this, demanding similar pricing for a one-off insertion, butI bet they aren’t getting that much of a deal.

The real takeaway is still good, though:  The New York Times is likely to discount heavily for anyone because their business is sucking wind.

And now you also know why I am so thrilled I no longer flog paper advertising, making money mostly off the ignorant and the credulous.

Team Rudy Response To MoveOn in NYT

September 14, 2007

Rudy Calls Out Dems On Healthcare

April 29, 2007

Giuliani Sees Socialism in Democrats’ Plans, Washington Post, April 28, 2007.

Former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani pulled out the S-word to criticize universal-health-care plans advocated by Democratic presidential candidates.

The Republican hopeful said in a visit to Raleigh, N.C., that Democrats who urged “mandatory” universal health care at a debate Thursday night were “moving toward socialized medicine so fast, it’ll make your head spin,” according to the Associated Press.

Giuliani instead advocated for a private solution. “When we want to cover poor people, as we should, we give them vouchers,” he said.

PA, FL, and OH Groove on Giuliani

April 27, 2007

I have posted at a bit more length about this recent Quinnipiac poll here.

The upshot is awesome for Giuliani, though.  Fred Thompson has pretty much been making all the appearances of running for a month now, but he appears to be doing little to erode Hizzoner’s support among Republicans.

Furthermore, in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio Giuliani is the only potential GOP nominee who handles all potential democrat nominees.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, political pundits would do well to speak to some actual voters, and think about where Giuliani actually stands on certain issues, before coming up with opinions like “Giuliani is too liberal for the GOP base” or “If Fred Thompson enters the race he will take away a lot of Giuliani’s support.”

Seriously, something tells me a pundit could make a lot of money seeming like the sage of middle America if he or she just lived somewhere besides New York, DC, or Los Angeles.

Keith Olbermann Goes Off the Deep End, Again

April 26, 2007

UPDATE III: Blogger News Network gives a good roundup of the news coverage over Rudy’s purported “9-11” comments.  BNN also makes the case that Rudy might not have actually said what so many Democrats have rebuked him for. 

UPDATE II: Thanks for the link

UPDATE: PJM has links and commentary on the crux of Rudy’s argument: namely that the nation would be safer with a Republican in the White House.

Don’t watch this if listening to the tinfoil hat brigade leader, Keith Olbermann, makes you sick to your stomach. He’s really outdone himself with this long winded tirade against Rudy, and the GOP.

Olbermann’s comments sound like something off a “truth sheet.” He might think he’s excoriating Rudy in this “cat in a stovepipe hat” riddle session, but he’s really just proving how much of a ranting Dhimmicrat fool he is. Well, that, and how terrible he sounds as he works himself into a spitting rage.

UPDATE: A reader emails that Olbermann’s ravings sound much like those of discredited 9/11 “Truther” Ward Churchill. What do you think?

CNN Reports

April 18, 2007

John Edwards is a pretty boy.  No really, that’s their report.  I wonder if anyone will claim this story was “planted” by a Clinton or Obama operative…

Obamarama on Letterman…

April 10, 2007

…says he’s in it to win it, all or nothing — and he wouldn’t consider being Hillary’s VP runningmate.  I guess in his book, if you’re not first, your last.