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Monty Johnson Hits it Big

January 2, 2008

Anyone else remember Monty Johnson?  He was the neighbor of John Edwards called “slummy” by Mrs. Edwards, which is particularly rich coming from the wife of the man who’s been giving the “two Americas” speech for the last six years.

Monty, by the way, also happened to be a Giuliani supporter.  So at least in this space, what some people may find “slummy” we know is merely American rusticana.

Well, hoist a toast to Monty.  It appears some anonymous buyer has paid him a cool $1.6m for his entire property, no questions asked.  Some speculate that it is the Edwards clan.  Personally, I’m hoping it’s really the initial foray for a Dollywood eastward expansion.


Religious GOPers Turn to Rudy, Too

October 2, 2007

Seen the new Gallup poll?  The one with an emphasis on how religious people feel about various candidates?

Giuliani will never win the nomination, many in the MSM say.  He’s too Federalist on social issues.  The more people learn about Romney, team Mitt says, the more people like him.  Giuliani’s support is a result of name recognition, others say, as soon as Fred Thompson is in all those sheeple in the GOP primary will flock to him.

Well, according to Gallup Mayor Giuliani has the highest favorables amongst churchgoing Catholics.  This is important because that’s a block that helped Reagan to his landslides.  Amongst churchgoing Protestants– shorthand for evangelicals, I guess– Giuliani’s favorables are marginally lower than McCain’s and Thompson’s.  But he’s in their ballpark.  Romney, on the other hand, is beaten by both Obama and Edwards.  Amongst churchgoing protestants that identify has Republicans, Hizzoner is only one point off the lead.

Where the rubber hits the road on this poll is where they ask directly about GOP nomination preferences.  Amongst churchgoing protestants, Giuliani is only a couple points behind Thompson.  Romney is outpolled by Huckabee.  Giuliani dominates, though, amongst all other republicans.

This poll is bad, bad news for Team Romney.

Quinnipiac Swing State Poll

August 9, 2007

Sorry for the infrequency of posts.  Busy life + nothing shocking = less posting.

There’s some trenchant commentary here from a brilliant blogger about the recent Quinnipiac swing state poll covering PA, FL, and OH.  No surprises:  Rudy leads all for the GOP nod and is the only GOP candidate who can compete in the general election.

I guess there was some pseudo-shocking news in the Vanity Fair hit piece on Mrs. Giuliani.  Whatever.  If that’s the best the NYC media can do, despite the fact they detest Giuliani for making their city better through tactics they insisted would never work, then the election may be easier than we thought.

Of course, we all know there’s more of that coming.  I will not hold my breath, though, on the similar piece on Bill Clinton’s philandry and corruption, Mrs. Obama’s sanctimony, or Mrs. Edwards’ naked ambition.

Amongst GOP Candidates, Who Do Brown People Like?

June 29, 2007

I am too lazy to find the primary source, and I’m BBQing and pork butt, so instead I will offer this link over at NRO’s Corner blog.

Mayor Giuliani has a reputation amongst the media elite as being something of an anti-minority head-banger from his time in NYC.  He also has the best pulic record amongst GOP candidates of being against race preferences.  And if I were related to Amadou Diallo I would probably agree with the media elite.

Thing is, amongst GOP presidential candidates Hizzoner has the best favorable/unfavorable ratios amongst blacks and Latinos according to a recent Gallup poll.  Amongst Latinos he even bests Amnesty McCain.

Granted, African Americans don’t like him nearly as much as they like all the Dems.  But Latinos do like Giuliani better than Obama and Edwards.

What we have here, maybe, is yet another example of the media being unable to actually divine the preferences of real Americans.  I suspect there are plenty of African Americans and Latinos who understand that when Mayor Giuliani brought order to New York City he brought order to all neighborhoods.  It’s tough to say for sure, but he may have saved more lives and more property for Latinos and blacks than for whites.

This may shock the editors of the NYT and Washington Post, but brown people are perfectly able to figure out a law and order mayor first and foremost brings law and order to the places in most desperate need.  I also guess it won’t take long for GOP primary voters to figure out there is one real law and order candidate, and he’s not a former actor.

Rudy Calls Out Dems On Healthcare

April 29, 2007

Giuliani Sees Socialism in Democrats’ Plans, Washington Post, April 28, 2007.

Former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani pulled out the S-word to criticize universal-health-care plans advocated by Democratic presidential candidates.

The Republican hopeful said in a visit to Raleigh, N.C., that Democrats who urged “mandatory” universal health care at a debate Thursday night were “moving toward socialized medicine so fast, it’ll make your head spin,” according to the Associated Press.

Giuliani instead advocated for a private solution. “When we want to cover poor people, as we should, we give them vouchers,” he said.

Texas A Cash Cow for Rudy

April 18, 2007

The Dallas Morning News reported on Monday that Rudy has raised $2.2 million in the Lone Star state.

Mr. Giuliani benefited from being a name partner at the Houston law firm Bracewell and Giuliani (whose Texas partners gave $47,000) as well as having one-time Texas Republican moneyman Roy Bailey as his national finance chief.

As a result, he raised as much in Texas as his GOP competitors combined.

“Rudy had a great team,” said Dallas businessman and long-time Republican Richard Collins. “They got motivated and decided they were going to take charge and it shows in their success.”

CNN Reports

April 18, 2007

John Edwards is a pretty boy.  No really, that’s their report.  I wonder if anyone will claim this story was “planted” by a Clinton or Obama operative…