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Brownback to Romney: Bite Me

October 26, 2007

Well, Sam Brownback’s supporters may find the language in this title’s post a little beyond the pale.  But that’s sort of what it seems like.

Hizzoner and Sam have met, and Gov. Brownback left calling Mayor Giuliani an “excellent leader”.  At least one reporter with the Washington Post thought Brownback “[S]eemed on the verge of backing [Giuliani]”.  Link here.

The picture below is also from that piece, and while it was taken in June it does seem delicious in the current context, no?  If I were Team Giuliani I certainly wouldn’t count my chickens before they’re hatched on this one, but even if Sam decided to back the Huck or McCain, it remains a partial victory that the one candidate Sam is apparently not considering for an endorsement is Romney.

Mitt Romney’s brain: “Can’t these darn GOP voters see that I’ve fine-tuned my internal poli-software to mirror the polling of the GOP electorate circa 2005?  I wonder how large a donation I have to make to myself NOW…”


Sam Brownback Considering Giuliani Endorsement

October 25, 2007

Wouldn’t it be something if a huge social conservative with  a large organization in IA who just dropped out of the presidential race decided to support Giuliani for president?

Well, apparently it isn’t out of the question, despite what Brownback’s aides seem to think….

Jeb Bush To Work for Hizzoner

October 18, 2007

Well, Jeb Bush, Jr., that is.  He’s the youngest son of the former FL governor, and will be heading up Giuliani’s Young Republicans organization in the Sunshine State.

I don’t suppose this amounts to all that much.  It does register somewhat, though, when put in the context of the hullabaloo that ensued when it turned out out Mayor Giuliani’s daughter was once seen fraternizing online with some Obama supporters.

You see, if *that* mattered, then this does.  The Bush that most conservatives wish they’d gotten instead of the current one hasn’t endorsed anyone.  But his namesake now has.

Killer anti-Fred Quote from Rich Brookhiser

September 10, 2007

Brookhiser is a well know conservative from the “middle era” National Review:  The magazine was already mature when he made his name there, but he pre-dates the Lowry era by a couple decades.

He is also a New Yorker, so his support for Hizzoner is to be expected.  Was is a little unexpected is the stidency of some remarks he offered contra-Fred Thompson this weekend:

“Fred Thompson came to the offices of National Review some years when he was still in the Senate. I liked him fine. He has done nothing, anywhere, ever. The Hubble Telescope could not find what he has done, because he has not done it.

“It would be unwise to put such a man in the White House at this moment in history.”

NH Manchester Union-Leader’s Pro-Rudy Editorial

August 1, 2007

Well, look at this.  As soon as other candidates [ahem, Rudy Giuliani] start dumping resources into IA and NH at even a fraction of the pace of Mitt Romney has been burning bonfires of venture capital cash, the Mittster’s lead is revealed as thin at best.

I thought it was Giuliani who was supposed to have fickle and ill-informed supporters?  MSM pundits stunned again, Bloggers for Rudy grow bored with their predictable failures.

Now, on the heels of those polls the influential Manchester Union Leader writes:

Giuliani wants to use the power of free markets to reduce health-care costs and make insurance more affordable and more widely available.

“America’s health-care system is being dragged down by decades of government-imposed mandates and wasteful, unaccountable bureaucracy,” he said. “To reform, we must empower all Americans by increasing health-care choices and affordability, while bringing accountability to the system.”

Giuliani’s health care proposal has some familiar ideas, such as expanding Health Savings Accounts, reforming medical liability laws and offering a tax credit for health insurance not purchased through an employer. Each of these sound ideas has been pushed by the Bush administration.

It also has some less familiar ones, such as bypassing state coverage mandates by allowing people to purchase basic health insurance through interstate markets.

Giuliani’s plan is innovative and, if implemented, would achieve much of what the Democrats want, but for less money and with greater individual freedom.

It should be noted that he is not the only Republican candidate touting market-based health-care reform. But he is doing so more aggressively, directly challenging the Democrats on the issue. (Mitt Romney has done this to a lesser extent.)

Other Republican candidates need to follow Giuliani’s lead and play up their market-based approach to health-care reform. Socialized medicine is a terrible idea. But it will be the only idea if its opponents don’t challenge it more aggressively.

Pundits keep saying things like “All Rudy has is 9/11”, “Giuliani’s appeal is largely based on name-recognition and will dissipate”, and “National polls are meaningless, what is really significant is that Romney leads in IA and NH, and McCain in SC.”

They’re like some of the marketing people I work with.  They keep making judgements with their guts and don’t seek out– or ignore– outright data.  All the data available to us is that Americans love Giuliani, and his positions most closely match those of the voters.  I guess mundane things like facts are irrelevant to them, and I should craft a macro that writes out “MSM wrong again.”

Rudy’s Seattle Fundraising Stop

June 20, 2007

Interesting coverage of Rudy’s Seattle visit.  (Note: Mitt Romney is in town tomorrow.  John McCain was here in February)

David Postman, “Giuliani’s Low Profile Visit.”  Seattle Times blog.

Eric Earling, “Rudy In Town.”

Stefan Sharkansky, “Rudy Giuliani’s Seattle Visit.”

SVC Alumnus’ Blog, “Sir Rudy Giuliani Stops in Seattle.”, “Rudy Rolls Into Seattle Under the Radar.”

Red Staters Continue to Ignore the GOP Establishment

May 24, 2007

It seems gun-owners like Mayor Giuliani, according to this poll.  That crowd, of which I am a nominal member, is arguably as powerful a potential single-issue voting block as any other in the GOP big tent.  And, as we all know, Hizzoner is hardly a NRA poster-boy.

On the heels of that poll we learn the speaker of the Georgia State House will be heading up Giuliani’s campaign team in that state.  Along with that announcement we learn of the endorsements of number of GOP Georgia legislators.  Taking a quick scan of the names, I see these are most assuredly not big city Atlanta types.  These Republicans are colored very deeply red.

Is it possible that the grassroots of the Republican party understand better how Federalism works than the pundits and mainstream media?

Texas A Cash Cow for Rudy

April 18, 2007

The Dallas Morning News reported on Monday that Rudy has raised $2.2 million in the Lone Star state.

Mr. Giuliani benefited from being a name partner at the Houston law firm Bracewell and Giuliani (whose Texas partners gave $47,000) as well as having one-time Texas Republican moneyman Roy Bailey as his national finance chief.

As a result, he raised as much in Texas as his GOP competitors combined.

“Rudy had a great team,” said Dallas businessman and long-time Republican Richard Collins. “They got motivated and decided they were going to take charge and it shows in their success.”

Rudy News: “Black Friday”

March 30, 2007

(NOTE: For those of you unfamiliar with “Black Friday,” see this Wikipedia entry.)

The Real Clear Politics blog reports on a rash of anti-Rudy news stories today.

Tonight the Giulianis interview with Barbara Walters will air, and reportedly the topics will be wide-ranging (and personal).

Steve Forbes pens an excellent endorsement in today’s Wall Street Journal “Extra” section.

All in all, it’s been a busy newsday for Rudy!

Re: Giuliani W/Kudlow [Forbes Update]

March 28, 2007

Well, it seems my remarks regarding Giuliani’s similarity, fiscally, to Steve Forbes and Phil Gramm were not simply the idle ramblings of outsider blogger. I swear I had no pre-knowledge of this when I made that remark, and this may explain why I had to step in for the media directors of the campaign last night on “Libertarian Politics Live” [link my debut performance here]

It seems Steve Forbes has joined the campaign as Hizzoner’s National Campaign Co-Chair and Senior Policy Adviser. Now Phil Gramm needs to abandon McCain so I can claim this week’s pundit prognosticator award.

Seriously: Fiscal conservatives– a rapidly vanishing breed, at least in Washington, DC– have a clear choice in the GOP presidential primary. As Steve Forbes said:

“As Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani showed how exercising fiscal discipline, including tax cuts, lowers deficits, spurs economic growth, and increases revenue. It is time the rest of the country benefit from a true fiscal conservative leader who gets real results.”