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Killer anti-Fred Quote from Rich Brookhiser

September 10, 2007

Brookhiser is a well know conservative from the “middle era” National Review:  The magazine was already mature when he made his name there, but he pre-dates the Lowry era by a couple decades.

He is also a New Yorker, so his support for Hizzoner is to be expected.  Was is a little unexpected is the stidency of some remarks he offered contra-Fred Thompson this weekend:

“Fred Thompson came to the offices of National Review some years when he was still in the Senate. I liked him fine. He has done nothing, anywhere, ever. The Hubble Telescope could not find what he has done, because he has not done it.

“It would be unwise to put such a man in the White House at this moment in history.”


The Relentless March of New Media

September 5, 2007

I know I’ve been scarce of late. Slow news weeks coupled with life events have slowed down the posts. I assure you that was temporary.

One way to vault out of the summer doldrums the Rudy way is to sign up for Giuliani thumbcasts. A thumbcast is a text message sent to your phone, in this case about the news of the day vis a vis the effort to elect Hizzoner as Commander in Chief. I have begun writing such thumbcasts for an outfit called 80108 media.

The service is free, and it will indirectly assist the campaign. How? Well, as we add subscribers I am marginally compensated financially. Thus my political activism will be subsidized. I will do a better job, and it won’t cost the campaign a cent. As I said, the service is gratis, although as they say at the end of each episode of American Idol, text messaging rates do apply.

To sign up, click on the image below, which will also hopefully soon be on the sidebar. Then select “Campaign ’08” in window 1. Team Rudy thanks you!

80108 Widget

Don’t Let Rudy, or Romney, Duck the Debate!

July 29, 2007

If Rudy backs out of this debate, he’s going to lose a whole lot of online support. Go here for more info on saving the debate.

Giuliani Advisor Carbonetti on the Last Few Weeks

May 1, 2007

Byron York of National Review had a talk recently with a long-time member of Giuliani’s inner circle, Anthony Carnonetti.  The resulting piece is here.  In it he attempts to lay to rest conventional wisdom shibboleths regarding the ignorance of social conservatives.

The consistent undercurrent of the piece is not explicitly stated, and it is a constant talking point for me:  Mayor Giuliani combines proven leadership with the not insignificant fact he happens to feel about issues in a way consistent with that of the majority of American voters.  Why mainstream pundits do not talk about this at more length I do not know.  So I guess we’ll have to keep doing it. 

Rudy ’08 Releases New Web Ad

May 1, 2007

For some reason the flash player on wasn’t working very well — so definitely watch this on YouTube.  Overall I think it’s a good ad, though it could use some improvenents.

 1) Scrap the stock footage.  At this point in the campaign, shots of Rudy with real people should be bountiful.

2) More angles and pan-overs of excited crowds would give some much needed emphasis to the positive points Rudy is laying out. (Speaking of which, I like that this has such a positive and strongly conservative message, especially on taxes, terrorism and crime.)

3) The editing is good — but not flawless.  It flows nicely, but has a “softer” feel to it than most of the stuff campaigns are blasting out these days.  While it casts Rudy as a leader, it lacks the testimonial feel that other GOP hopefuls are using.

Maybe to get higher marks with me, Rudy needs a videographer of the Justin Germany style.  This “ad” is much different from the other web videos in that it has a professional production feel to it.  The Justin Germany school of videography is much more rough, uncut, and PERSONAL.

Now maybe it’s just my own personal bias, but I like web videos that give you a sense of what it’s like to be on the ground with the candidates.  These “introductory” videos are good for introducing people to the candidate.  And since its still VERY early in the race, and the messaging is great — I think this still earns an A.

Rudy News Links

April 12, 2007

Rudy has an excellent article on fiscal policy in the Financial Times.  (I’ve been impressed by both Rudy and McCain’s placement of op-eds in recent weeks!)  Rudy’s FT article focuses on  what he calls the “four pillars of American prosperity”:

1. Reduced Spending Growth

2. Lower Tax Rates

3. Regulatory Reform

4. Sound Monetary Policy

My friend Deroy Murdock has filed another interesting profile of Rudy at National Review Online: This Record Isn’t Broken (takes aim at Rudy’s position on abortion):

Giuliani’s critics should pause and remember that these abortion reductions during his tenure did not happen in a conservative bastion like Lynchburg, Virginia, or Tulsa, Oklahoma. These dramatic declines occurred in New York City, arguably America’s abortion headquarters. The New York state of mind on abortion may have been captured most accurately on a bumper sticker I once saw here: “If you don’t like abortion, don’t have one.”

The AP is carrying a story on Rudy’s trip to SC, and David Brody follows up at CBN with another report from the South.

Finally, the Chicago Trib blog has some interesting observations on polls.

Re: Rudy and Spontaneous Utterances

April 9, 2007

Of the two Giuliani donnybrooks last week– the federal abortion funding remarks and the blogger remark–the one regarding his “blogger” remarks strikes me as a complete non-issue.  All Giuliani was saying is “This will be a long and hard primary because the current new media atmosphere encourages messages uncontrolled by the campaign, and this will be continuous and ubiquitous.”  It did not appear to me the Mayor was making any qualitative judgement here, just a statement of fact.

Any blogger who is thin-skinned enough to have his or her feelings hurt by this remark ought to consider a different hobby.  After all, one of the things we bloggers like to espouse about our medium is the fact our timely and unedited hurley-burley style makes for more interesting and compelling analysis.  It is rather rich, then, for Mr. Welch– who I like, btw– to be so eagerly seeking offense that he views Giuliani’s remarks as somehow dismissive of him and his colleagues.

Rudy & Spontaneous Utterances

April 6, 2007

I wasn’t too happy to read this post about Rudy and bloggers at from Matt Lewis.  I think Rudy will need to grow thicker skin heading into the primary, because he’s sure to face increasing scrutiny.

UPDATE: Captain’s Quarters and Hugh Hewitt also weigh in.

Re: Rudy in Iowa

April 4, 2007

Townhall has a report from Mary Katharine Ham with lots of photos from Rudy’s rally in Iowa.

Rudy Video from Iowa With Hannity

April 4, 2007

Here is a link to the video of Rudy’s appearance last night with Sean Hannity of Fox News.  Broadcast from Iowa, Hizzoner briefly addresses his strength in that state, and he also hits some of the campaign themes with which we are becoming familiar.

Most importantly, though, he struck a rhetorical pose in this interview we have also seen before, which I think is very powerful.  He is, rightfully, so confident in his leadership abilities that he can simultaneously be self-effacing, acknowledging occasional errors in the past and allowing he will make others in the future.  This type of honesty and candidness can only be pulled off by someone supremely confident in his or her record and qualifications.  It is also, I think, very attractive to voters.  Including myself.  People unable to admit error, people who constantly equivocate to justify past decisions and positions, they drive me to distraction.  Think “I was for the war before I was against it” or “that depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”.

He also completely diffuses any blowback from his remark on Barbara Walters’ program about how his wife may sit in on cabinet meetings.  Some folks over in NRO’s Corner — K-Lo, I think, or maybe J-Pod– thought this remark could end up haunting him, like Pat Schroeder’s tears or Howard Dean’s primordial howl.  Giuliani explained in context all he was saying was his wife has some experience in healthcare, and has a continuing interest specifically in health education.  In that capacity, yes, she could theoretically sit in on a cabinet meeting covering those topics.  He was clear, though, that she does not want to play an active role in his cabinet and we are in no way getting a “two for one” Clintonian deal with the Giulianis.