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Fundraising in 2Q07

July 2, 2007

Early rumors are leaking out.  Obama’s fundraising is stunning despite the fact he’s been tentatively playing defense on the campaign trail.  McCain’s numbers will apparently be appallingly poor.  Romney has again dipped into his personal fortune to continue renting decent polls in IA and NH, and his minions have been downplaying expectations on talk radio– although I think there’s a chance they’re playing possum.

I’ve heard no rumors at all about Giuliani’s numbers, though.  I sent him a couple ducats, and it would be charitable to say I am not very liquid.  Hope y’all can do the same.  Has anyone else out there heard any scuttlebutt about how his 2Q07 numbers look?


How Important is Abortion?

May 8, 2007

When reading the title of this post, please keep in mind I am a pro-lifer.  I am not an earnest pro-lifer, in that I am like the vast majority of the American people and wouldrather not think about the subject much.  It’s a thorny one, and there’s a reason good talk-radio hosts and columnists avoid this issue.  Discussion of the matter tends to serve as a homing beacon for those inclined to throw agitated ad hominems at each other.

This morning, though, I was composing a response to a well known right-wing pundit’s recent epistle essentially describing the Mayor as a dissembling baby-killer.  As a person who ascribes a great deal of Giuliani’s electoral appeal to the mundane fact that he happens to agree with most voters on most issues, I was curious about how highly abortion ranked as an issue when open-ended polling is used to see what’s on our minds.

Take a look at this collectionof polls.  Pay special attention to the open-ended ones, where voters are not told to select their concerns from a pre-set range of issues.  The top two polls make my point.

Voters don’t care about abortion.

Now, I’m not trying to say supporting the rights of the unborn is not an important issue.  What I’m saying is that American voters pretty much have no problems with the status quo.  And you know what?  I bet if we ended up taking the more Federalist approach Mayor Giuliani favors, American voters would care even less.  Of course, such a minuscule amount of concern would be impossible to reliably poll.

So I am tempted to declare my comments an abortion-free zone.  Otherwise I am letting activists on both sides of the issue set the agenda.  It seems wiser to let the American people set the agenda.

Rudy Radio: Hugh Hewitt Interview

April 14, 2007

Rudy’s Firefighters links to the interview transcript.  Listen to the audio here.  Especially poignant are Rudy’s comments, and Hugh’s debunking of nutcase conspiracy theorists like Rosie O’Donnell.  I side with the Donald on this one!