Update: Rudy Does Your Taxes

January 13, 2008 by

In November 2004, an initiative banning same-sex marriage was on the ballot in Ohio.  This has been credited with drawing values voters to the polls there, where, conveniently, they could also punch the hole by George W. Bush’s name.  That seemed to work out well for the Bush campaign (read more here).

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, Rudy mentioned a tax resolution that will be on the ballot in Florida on January 29th (read more here).  Conveniently, Republican voters in Florida will also be choosing their nominee for President that day.  The Giuliani campaign has brilliantly focused their message recently on tax issues (see post below)…targeting the very voters who are expected to be out in force this January 29th.  This is, of course, just one piece of the puzzle, but as former Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci said in the link above, Rudy “may look like a genius on February 6th.”  So might his campaign strategists.


Rudy Does Your Taxes

January 10, 2008 by

After unveiling Rudy’s tax plan (read about it here, here, and here), the campaign has followed up with this ad…

These are smart moves – Rudy shows substance and gravitas while (as has astutely been written about on this blog recently) the rest of the field trains their weapons on each other.

As for the tax plan itself, smart readers will understand that spending cuts must complement Rudy’s tax cut proposals.  The good news is the budget turnaround in NYC under Mayor Giuliani ($2.3 billion inherited deficit turned into a multi-billion dollar surplus), which was achieved by cutting both taxes and spending.  This sort of fiscal responsibility is sorely needed, and Rudy will deliver.

Rudy Ascendant: Don’t Take My Word For It

January 10, 2008 by

Take the word of Patrick Basham from the Cato Institute in thisNRO piece, or thisCNBC video. [can’t find an embed code. sorry]  To my knowledge, he has not been a Giuliani water-bearer like yours truely.

One observation he makes in the NRO article that I did not in the post below:  All the ads in early primary states currently run by McCain, Romney, and Huckabee– many of them negative– cost money.  That’s an obvious problem.  What I had not thought about is how they’ve also allowed Hizzoner to appear less irascible and divisive.

That was supposed to be one of his weaknesses, remember?  That he was a real SOB, and while people like me may view that as a feature many people think it’s a bug.  But for close to a month, now, it’s all the other candidates that have been acting like political streetfighters.  Mayor Giuliani, on the other hand, has stood by appearing sober and above the fray.

Dare I say “Presidential”?

Things Breaking Rudy’s Way. Seriously.

January 9, 2008 by

It will only be mentioned in passing, but it looks like NH broke the way Team Rudy would want.  Just like IA.

Hizzoner probably would have liked McCain to win by more, but McCain appears to have not only won the primary, but also appears to have won among GOP voters only.  Romney was hoping to take solace in crowing about winning the GOP vote, only losing to McCain because independents opted for the aged veteran.

The fact that Clinton pulled out an unexpected victory will also distract the media, making the McCain victory apt to quickly become old news.

Huck’s IA bounce evaporated, and Thompson barely registered at all.

Finally, our man did avoid the ignominy of losing to Ron Paul.

This forces Romney and McCain to both vigorously contest MI, and Huck and Fred both into an all-in pot in SC.

So all other candidates will be otherwise disposed until FL, spending money their campaigns don’t have, while Team Rudy continues to accrue interest on the resources devoted to what they hope will be a Tsunami Tuesday blitz following a FL win.

That was always the plan.  Bit of a nail-biter, sure.  But if the national strategy is viable– which I always thought was the case– then the dominoes are setting up appropriately.

Perspective? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Perspective!

January 4, 2008 by

Last night’s results, actually, were perfect for the Giuliani campaign given they elected to forgoe spending seven million dollars in an attempt to kiss up to every Iowan with a pulse.

Romney was dealt a huge defeat.  By his own campaign’s admission IA and/or NH were hugely important to them.  They spent the ethanol farm on IA, and lost.  And NH isn’t looking good.  But that man is stuffed to the gills with venture capital, so he’ll still fight on to Super Duper Tuesday.

Thompson and McCain did OK, encouraging them to stay in the race.

Ron Paul didn’t surprise anyone with a particularly impressive showing.

So it looks like last night Team Rudy got the result they needed.  There will not be any one candidate piling up victories and delegates before Florida, and Florida is where the Giuliani team has planted their flag.

So Team Rudy will get to FL, where our man still leads in all polls.  The only candidate coming on strong is the Huck.  If the Huckster can win Florida, we’re all doomed.

Rudy wins Florida, though, and then piles up some delegates from NY, NJ, DE, CA and others on Tsunami Tuesday, then the national strategy will be vindicated.  And his campaign team can then make some money on a book.

The important thing to note, though, is last night’s results were the first empirical confirmation of the national stragegy’s political viability.

A Little Perspective on the Iowa Caucus Results

January 4, 2008 by

As of 12:07am, 1/4/08:
Iowa Caucus Results:
Huckabee – 34%
Romney – 26%
Thompson – 13%
McCain – 13%
Paul – 10%
Giuliani – 4%
Hunter – 0%

1992 Iowa Caucus Results:
Tom Harkin – 76%
Paul Tsongas – 4%
*Bill Clinton – 3%
Bob Kerrey – 2%
Jerry Brown – 2%

We Will Win

January 3, 2008 by

Mayor Giuliani has a clear message for those that threaten the United States:

“We’re in the middle of a struggle that pits freedom versus fundamentalism, hope versus fear, democracy versus conflict.  We didn’t seek this conflict.  We didn’t start this conflict.  But we must finish it.  And we will win it.”

Rudy’s Latest Ad: “Ready”

January 3, 2008 by

On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, Rudy throws his best pitch…

Monty Johnson Hits it Big

January 2, 2008 by

Anyone else remember Monty Johnson?  He was the neighbor of John Edwards called “slummy” by Mrs. Edwards, which is particularly rich coming from the wife of the man who’s been giving the “two Americas” speech for the last six years.

Monty, by the way, also happened to be a Giuliani supporter.  So at least in this space, what some people may find “slummy” we know is merely American rusticana.

Well, hoist a toast to Monty.  It appears some anonymous buyer has paid him a cool $1.6m for his entire property, no questions asked.  Some speculate that it is the Edwards clan.  Personally, I’m hoping it’s really the initial foray for a Dollywood eastward expansion.

Rudy at The Villages (yes, those Villages)

January 1, 2008 by

Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by.

2008 finds Rudy in (where else) Florida…

Rudy reminds the good citizens of Florida that the Democratic candidates are not realistic about the threat of Islamic terrorism.